Reduce the carbon impact of your flight

Heathrow offers its passengers the option to reduce emissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and certified reforestation projects.

At Heathrow, we believe we can all work together to protect the environment when we fly. When offsetting the carbon emissions from your flight, you lower the impact of your journey by actively supporting trusted climate solutions. Simply enter your travel information into our carbon calculator, select your preferred type of offset, and let us take care of the rest.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Upload the flight data from your next flight and our system will calculate your carbon footprint. You can then choose to offset your footprint with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or trusted reforestation projects.

Start making your air travel more sustainable

Despite having an annual carbon footprint equivalent to the sixth largest country in the world, the aviation industry has a long road to decarbonisation. Promising alternative propulsion systems like hydrogen or battery-powered engines are likely many years from commercial use, especially for long-haul flights. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), on the other hand, can be used today to drastically reduce emissions compared to traditional jet fuel. Heathrow invites all travellers to accelerate aviation’s transition to a lower-carbon future by offsetting the carbon footprint of their flights through SAF and high-quality reforestation projects.

Trusted climate action

SkyNRG is a pioneer and global leader in Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Having supplied over 30 airlines on all continents, it is SkyNRG’s mission to make SAF the new global standard in aviation. Climate-tech company CHOOOSE builds digital tools enabling individuals and organisations to connect with the best CO2e-reducing climate solutions around the world. Through its API for climate impact, CHOOOSE programmatically calculates your carbon footprint and provides you with the option to seamlessly offset your flight through trusted climate solutions. Together, they are working to ensure that your offset creates the highest possible climate impact.


Climate action for everyone.

This solution is hosted by CHOOOSE. SAF is provided by SkyNRG.

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