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At Heathrow, we believe we can all work together to protect the environment when we fly. With commercial aviation contributing at least 2% of global carbon emissions, it’s important that we all do our bit to build a low carbon future by travelling more thoughtfully and offsetting the journeys that we do make.

Heathrow is working with the carbon company, CHOOOSE™, to make offsetting your journey simple. With a mission to create a more positive and action-oriented conversation around climate change, CHOOOSE™ makes it easy to act by connecting you with some of the most impactful carbon reducing projects around the world.

Calculate and offset your flight's footprint

By using our Flight Footprint Calculator you can calculate and offset the carbon emissions of your journey.  CHOOOSE™ will guarantee that your payment supports third-party verified projects that avoid or reduce carbon emissions and help to combat climate change. You'll then receive a certificate recognising that the carbon footprint of your journey has been offset.

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How it works

We all leave an unavoidable carbon footprint simply by the way we live, work and travel. When offsetting the carbon emissions from your flight, you balance the impact of your journey by actively supporting carbon reduction projects around the world.

1. Calculate your emissions

Use the Flight Footprint Calculator to calculate and understand your flight's emissions.

2. Offset your emissions

Make a payment to support a carbon reducing or avoiding project, which is certified to strict standards, like the Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard.

3. Become a climate conscious traveller

You'll receive a certificate recognising that the carbon footprint of your journey has been accounted for.

Heathrow's commitment

We're on a journey of sustainable growth. Working with our passengers and partners, we aim to lead the way in protecting the environment when we fly. So as well as helping our passengers to make their own contribution and offset their journeys, we’re investing in natural carbon removal projects in the UK ourselves.

“The type of offsetting projects that is socialising and promoting represents the best standards of international emission reductions available today.”
Niclas Svenningsen

Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

What projects will my offset contribution support?

When you offset your flight through Heathrow, you will be supporting a reforestry program in Uganda and a wind farm in Costa Rica. Both of these projects are certified to international standards and help to combat climate change by reducing or avoiding carbon emissions.

Wind energy

Costa Rica


Tree planting



Spread the word

Aviation is responsible for at least 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, making it a significant contributor to global climate change. By sharing this initiative, you can make a difference by telling other travellers about carbon offsetting.

Flight offsetting,
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CHOOOSE™ is a platform that helps individuals and organisations to connect with the most impactful carbon reducing projects around the world. CHOOOSE™ makes it easy to calculate your flight's carbon footprint, and provides you with the option to seamlessly offset your travel.

Carbon offsetting FAQ

What is a carbon footprint?
A carbon footprint is defined by the emissions of greenhouse gases associated with any specific activity or transaction. The carbon footprint of aviation is primarily made of CO2 emissions. Due to the wide range of activities involved and the fuel required, commercial aviation has a carbon footprint accounting for at least 2% of global human-induced CO2 emissions. Due to the constraints of current aircraft technology, all commercial flying today has an unavoidable carbon footprint.
What is carbon offsetting?
Carbon offsetting is a climate action that enables individuals and organisations to address the CO2 emissions they cannot avoid by supporting projects - like clean-energy producing wind farms or forestry projects - that verifiably reduce, capture or avoid a proportional amount of CO2 emissions. Said another way, carbon offsetting enables travellers to balance the carbon emissions released as a result of their flight. Carbon offsetting is most effective when part of a holistic process to address global emissions which includes (1) measuring emissions, (2) reducing emissions to the extent possible and (3) offsetting those emissions which cannot be eliminated today.
When is the right time to offset my flight? And what if my trip doesn’t originate from Heathrow?
Travellers can offset their flight at any time before or after their trip has occurred! This service calculates flight itineraries of all kinds, so travellers can include routes that do not pass through Heathrow.
How do you calculate my carbon footprint?
We base our calculations on flight operations data, the official methodology of the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), and the recommended emission factors from the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial (BEIS) which are updated on an annual basis.
Where does my offset contribution go?
When travellers offset their personal carbon footprint from a flight, funds are applied to help support projects that reduce, capture or avoid carbon emissions in an amount equivalent to that of their calculated carbon footprint. Approximately 90% of funds are applied directly to the projects, with a small remaining portion used for standard administration and support services. Carbon offsetting is performed through the purchase and retirement of third-party verified carbon credits, which are units of emission reduction used in voluntary offsetting programs. Each carbon credit corresponds to 1000 kg of CO2 . The carbon credits made available to Heathrow travellers are called Verified Emission Reduction (VER) units, certified by the Verified Carbon Standard, and Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) units, certified by the Gold Standard and United Nations CDM. Due to transaction minimums, traveller contributions will typically offset more than their calculated footprint — but never less. The offset price that the traveller pays is the total cost to deliver the verified offset.
How do I know the impact would not have occurred without my support?
Projects certified by the Verified Carbon Standard and by the Gold Standard must adhere to the principle of “additionality”. This means that the projects are being realised as a result of the funding. In other words, travellers are not supporting a project that would have been carried out anyway. The carbon credits are funding additional carbon mitigation. Often, projects are not financially attractive to investors without the sale of these carbon credits and would therefore not materialise. All projects that Heathrow and CHOOOSE™ make available to travellers are subject to ongoing and regular monitoring, reporting and auditing to ensure that they remain in compliance with these standards and operational best practices.
What about radiative forcing?
In addition to CO2 emissions, commercial aviation has impacts on the climate through non-CO2 effects. The non-CO2 emissions of gases, aerosol particles and water vapour affect atmospheric composition and cloudiness, adding to the overall climate impact from the sector’s CO2 emissions. These climate impacts can be measured with a metric known as ‘radiative forcing’. However, these non-CO2 impacts have a larger scientific uncertainty than the CO2 impacts, particularly for impacts on cloudiness. For this reason, the calculation methodoloCO2utilised for Heathrow’s travellers only calculates known CO2 emissions. As science and policy on radiative forcing becomes clearer, this webpage and the services it offers to travellers will be updated.
What if the airline I am flying with already offsets my flight?
Because certain airlines already offset CO2 emissions for some flights or ticket types, travellers can check with their airline if their specific journey may already be offset. The service offered through this webpage is intended to be supplementary to other programs offered by airline operators.

Make an ongoing impact by subscribing to climate action

You can do more by offsetting more. By joining CHOOOSE™ on an ongoing basis you can boost your positive impact and keep up the fight against climate change. Behind the CHOOOSE™ platform is a curated portfolio of carbon reducing projects, certified by the Gold Standard and continually monitored by the CHOOOSE™ network of carbon professionals. Subscribe to a plan that fits your lifestyle and reduce more than your monthly carbon footprint. CHOOOSE™ Learn more.

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