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Upload your flight information to understand the carbon impact of your travel and to then support climate solutions like sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and certified reforestation projects.



At Heathrow, we believe we should all understand our impact on the environment and do what we can to support its protection. We want to make it easier for you to understand the carbon impact of your travel and easier for you to take action on that carbon footprint by supporting climate solutions.

Support climate solutions with Heathrow

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) describes non-conventional jet fuels produced from more sustainable resources, like agricultural waste. SAF has a lower net carbon footprint as compared to conventional fuels, and depending on the feedstock and other specifics, SAF has the potential to meaningfully reduce the carbon intensity of flying. To accelerate aviation’s transition to a lower-carbon future, Heathrow invites all travellers to act on the carbon footprint of their flights by supporting a combination of SAF and high-quality reforestation projects.

Climate action for everyone.

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SAF is provided by SkyNRG.

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